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Would you like to know what I did today? Apparently you have stopped in to see what is going on, so I will tell you.

Today I began the day with stopping by the Union hall to open it up for the MDA Poker run coming in from Lynchburg. I got off work this morning, and did not get to stop by the house to see my wife and kids until after lunch was served for the bikers. Unfortunately there were not as many riders as were expected. Only 3 Roanoke Firefighters rode and another helped me at the Hall. Yet another event brought to the firefighters for a good cause, but not nearly the support expected.

Fast forward to 3pm, I got home. Guess what. I have yard work too… Unfortunately I do not have someone to come by and mow my yard. I did get to play with the kids a while. Then down to business. Yard cut by 5:30. Out the door by 6pm after a quick shower.

Where to now you might ask? Becky, the children, and I head off to the Fire on Ice hockey game. I have to be there early to sell t-shirts. The Henrico Fire Hockey team came to town to play the Roanoke Valley Firefighters team. Unfortunately there was not nearly the turnout expected. (see above, kinda the same thing. Actually the exact same thing.) But I was there in support of the cause, MDA, and to see my brothers battle in the round house. It was a great game. We came out to a 2 point lead and held them 2-1 until the third period. However, Henrico fought back and won 4-6 in the end. It really seemed as though the guys had a great time.

If you are a Roanoke Firefighter, go ahead and print this out and keep it close. This is a perfect example of your Union doing things for you. We created 2 great events for you to participate in. The outcome is raising funds for our Charity and increasing the publics positive perception of the Firefighters. Remember, these events do not cost the Union a dime. They are completely self funding. There are members who spend a lot of time planning these events.

I had a lot to think about today. Somebody questioned me about what the Union had done for them. I could have answered them with one statement – “If you come to the meetings, you would already know”. But I didn’t. I entertained his gripe as a good Union Officer and considered his standpoint. I left out an important point though, the start and finish of the conversation was that he was turning in his Union Card. What? That is right. Apparently he felt that the Union had not done enough for him. Which leads me to my next point. Just because you are an RFFA, VPFF, and or IAFF member does not make you entitled. There is a greater good, a common goal, a give and take involved. As a Union member you have a responsibility. That responsibility is to support your fellow brothers and sisters. Not everyone will be able to do everything all the time, and actually that would be unnecessary. If everyone gave a little, we would be able to achieve so much more.

Before you ask me what the Union has done recently you might want to think twice. If you do not know, chances are you haven’t done anything for your Union. Before you tell me that you did not hear about these events. Every fire station has a computer and all of this information is on the website.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed your Saturday. I will be at the VPFF convention the next three days. I will try and post some information on it. It is being held in Lynchburg this year.

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