RFFA Softball Game #2

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We had our second game tonight. We lost. Our sportsmanship is great though. Better luck next time.

UPDATE: I got an anonymous comment about the game. I did not realize that Zach from K92 was playing. However, after my playing I do not think I am qualified to pick apart the other teams playing. The final score was $%@&* to 7.

I will however try to describe the team as far as Firefighters are concerned.

Pitching – Doug “I almost went PRO” Hurd
1st base – Phil “I’m over here” Dillon
2nd base – Rhett “Hang Time” Fleitz
Shortstop – Eddie “Legs” Fielder
3rd – Richard “Golden Glove” Lipes
Outfield -
Jeff “The Dream” Proulx
Becky “The only good player we have” Smith
Travis “Hey look I caught one” Meador
Joe “I can make it to third” Hodgin
Travis “Hey look a base hit” Collins

I will be at 10 all day tomorrow if you want to defend your honor or have a better nickname.

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