Roanoke Firefighters begin Softball Season

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The Roanoke Firefighters started off the season on the wrong foot this year. We played Automotive Specialists and the score was A lot to A little. The firefighters being the ones who scored a little. I made my debut on the Softball field, having not played baseball or anything that resembles it since about the 5th grade, and my Dad was coaching. Yeah I know, most of you think that 5th grade was only last year. Ha Ha. Actually I spent 7th-post High School playing Lacrosse.

I played catcher in the game tonight, tagged one out coming home, and caught a fly. I guess that is pretty eventful. At the plate I had two singles and popped out.

Travis “I got it” Meador played outfield next to Matt Wheeling, they were certainly busy. The bloopers reel will be ready soon. Seriously, it was a good time, and we all had a lot of fun.

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