– New River Valley Current-Bloggers help raise funds for Radford boy

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I was out of town when this story ran. This article is about Ian who I wrote about here. I was contacted about being interviewed for this story, but in the end they did not need me. I am kind of mentioned in the article though. – New River Valley Current-Bloggers help raise funds for Radford boy:

Bloggers help raise funds for Radford boy
A fundraising campaign for Ian Herbst is collecting old cell phones and printer cartridges to recycle.

By Andrew Kantor

Eleven-month old Ian Herbst needs a liver transplant to live, and a group of Southwest Virginia bloggers, along with a local technology company, is working to raise $100,000 to help save the Radford infant’s life.

Modern technology will hopefully be able to help Ian. But it’s also getting the word out and the funds in.

Local bloggers — including a chef, a firefighter, a lawyer and a zoologist — have picked up the cause, spreading the Herbsts’ story through the Internet and reaching more people in less time than any letter-writing or collection-jar campaign could.

They’re asking people to recycle their old tech to help Ian, taking donations of dead cell phones and empty printer cartridges, which will be turned into cash ($3 for each phone, and $1 to $3 for each printer cartridge) the Herbsts can use to offset their medical expenses.

Ian suffers from biliary atresia, a comparatively rare children’s disorder in which the “drain tube” from the liver is blocked or never formed. If the liver can’t dispose of bile, it builds up until the liver fails. (Read More)

I have received a couple of old cell phones already. If you have any, please get them to me at Fire Station #10. I will send them off soon. The phones do not have to have chargers or even work. Spread the word.

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