The things that we put ourselves through.

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Roanoke City Corner:

I sat down to read the brand new City Corner today and found some astonishing news. That is right, we now have proof of who Dr. Suess actually is. If you look at the bottom left hand picture on the page you can see that Fire Marshal Marlan Morris is reading to students at Raleigh Court Elementary School. Seriously though the pictures show the lengths that Firefighters will go in order to provide positive role models in students lives. This event was Read Across America and encompassed the City Mayor and City Manager down to Firefighters from Station #2 reading to students. On another note: Fire Marshal Marlan Morris will be retiring soon. I will have more information when his retire date is known.

Also in the City Corner are stories on Peay, Crouch, and Bennington getting promoted and Chuck Mills custom built locker at #6.

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