Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things – Lootentin’s send off

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Read this hilarious account of a well respected fireman’s last day on the job. Click on Read more for the full story with audio files.

Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things – Lootentin’s send off:

After 32 1/2 years on the job “Lootentin” Kevin Bridgett just walked out of the firehouse for the last time, but not before we had a last laugh together.

Kevin was scheduled to work until 5pm and then would be on administrative leave until midnight when his retirement took effect. Throughout the quiet day there was a countdown of the hours and minutes remaining. We had a lunch of rollers and sliders and Station 30′s personnel joined us. The atmosphere was remarkably subdued and there wasn’t any last-day shenanigans like pies in the face or a hosedown. All through the day Kevin fielded phone calls from well-wishers.

With 90 seconds left in his career the bells rang for a crash up River Road in 30′s area. Ladder 10 was due so the four comedians plus young February took one last ride together. The crash looked worse than it was. It was a fairly high-speed, rear-end collision in front of a local nursery whose entrance is inconveniently located between two blind hills. We blocked the road with the ladder and helped Medic 309 with one patient who was complaining of neck and back pain. The other driver was unhurt.

After clearing the call, Lanahammy headed north on River Road and it rapidly became apparent that we weren’t heading back to the station straightaway. “We’re kidnapping your ass,” Hammy told Kevin. “One last ride.” We headed down Falls Road towards MacArthur Boulevard and the C&O Canal Park, then turned south on MacArthur.

“Battalion Two, Montgomery. Truck Ten’s location?” our radio crackled. We laughed right away, anticipating Kevin’s response.
“Truck ten?” the dispatched called.
“Truck Ten, Montgomery,” Kevin answered, “Alternate channel with Battalion Two.”
“Truck Ten, Battalion 2; Seven-Delta.”
Kevin adjusted the radio. “Truck Ten to Battalion Two.”
El Jefe Batalion said, “Are you still on the scene of the crash?”
“Negative sir. They’ve kidnapped me and will not take me back to the station.” During the long pause after Kevin’s transmission, we about died laughing.
“Approximate location?”
“They have me blindfolded sir, I don’t know.” More laughter. Barnyard, gasping for breath, said over the intercom from the tiller bucket, “Make it stop. I can’t see if I’m still on the road.”
Kevin managed to stay perfectly straight-voiced. “Driver said they’d take me back in a few minutes.” More laughter.(Read More)

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