Vacation in Folly Beach

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Vacation in Folly Beach, SC was awesome. I was able to tune everything out as you can see from the fact that I didn’t even check in to see what was going on. Unfortunately nothing was going on. I thought maybe some of you would have opened my eyes to a website, story, or article that I would find interesting and share with the readers. Either way, nothing to lose.

Folly Beach is a very small beach located Southeast of Charleston, SC. I was able to enjoy downtown Charleston all the while living at the beach. I got in some much needed fishing, my best catch was about a 10 lb. Sea Trout. We did not go out on a boat, I will be doing that in Nags Head next week hopefully.

Unfortunately someone might have drowned right down the beach from where we were staying. They flew him out by helicopter. I have been unable to locate any information on the incident.

I noticed a house that had been gutted by fire on Folly Beach and now that I have gotten a minute to read up on the news I have found that it was the house of Rick Huff. The story is here.

Last night we were driving back to the house and passed a vehicle accident with one of the vehicles on fire. Police were on scene, but Fire had not arrived yet. I was driving, so I didn’t get any pictures. We also passed this incident, which looked like it had the police busy.

All in all we had a great vacation. It is interesting to read the similarities between Roanoke and Charleston although Charleston is such a bigger City with so many other things to offer. We toured the USS Yorktown while we were in the City and I might have some pictures to share once I download them.

That is the Vacation summary for you.

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