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Busy, busy, busy. That has been my life the past two weeks. I have been getting comments on when am I going to post again. Well this is the deal – The blog has taken a back seat to some other priorities. Take away the fact that I haven’t posted in 5 days and you might not have noticed. The truth is that for the past several months have been difficult to come up with stimulating news, information, stories, history, photos, and the like. I know I have a lot of readers out there. Some local, some distant, some former Roanokers, Firefighters from other Cities, and the many Firefighters from Roanoke for which this blog is named.

Some coworkers have asked why I have stopped posting working fires. The truth is that I have not stopped. What I have done is enabled you guys to get the information that the Roanoke Fire-EMS Dept. offers through MyRoanoke on your own. What I would rather have is your insight, your photos, your stories on the fires and post that. An email or phone call will suffice.

I will be extremely busy with the book until September 1st. After that the process should be easier.

I will let the readers pick out the format for this week. Let me know what you want to know about, see pictures of, or the like. Put me on task. Just leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

If you are wondering about how many ARFF calls I have been on. Still nothing.

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