Back in the Saddle

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This cycle was a little different for me than the usual. Day one I rode the engine most of the day then switched to the ARFF crew due to the Haz Mat call on I-81. Middle day I rode the Engine the whole day, first twelve as officer and second half as driver. Third day, today, I split the day on the ambulance riding the first twelve and riding on ARFF the second half.

But that is just the explanation of where I was riding and when. The interesting part is coming up.

Last day on the engine we ran a code (cardiac arrest) and unfortunately the patient did not have a positive outcome. This being the first code I had run in about a year. That was one of two or three calls we ran. I hadn’t even been in the hospital in probably over a year.

Then today on the medic unit we had another code. But this one did have a positive outcome and when we left the hospital the patient was on the way to the cath lab.

It is always fun getting some time on the engine, or medic truck for that matter. Of course most of my coworkers reading this out there probably think I must be crazy to say that I enjoyed the medic truck. I actually took a patient in the back. It was a BLS call so I said what the hell. The last time I took a patient in the back of an ambulance was years ago. It is hard to keep your skills up. You would think I would check myself for a pulse most days I am on ARFF. Ha.

Now that I have been re acquainted with the EMS side of things, I sure could go for a fire. The last fire I was in was an apartment fire at Ferncliff Apartments. That was over two years ago. Throw me a freakin bone.

I guess the good news is that I will be paroled soon when my two years is up on the ARFF crew. Yeah I know wish in one hand…but I am optimistic.

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