Roanoke College experiences Mass Casualty CO Incident

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62 people were transported to Lewis Gale Emergency Room including two first responders, while another 49 were transported to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital ER. Only 5 of the victims were still in the hospital today. The two first responders recovered.

Judy Norris woke up about 6 a.m. Friday in a dorm room at Roanoke College’s Yonce Hall.

Norris, 68, had arrived the day before to attend a three-day Lutheran Power in the Spirit conference on campus. But that morning, Norris couldn’t walk. She barely managed to crawl into the bathroom.

When Norris got out of the bathroom, she tried to rouse her roommate, but got no response.

“That’s when I figured something was wrong,” Norris said.

On Friday, an apparent buildup of carbon monoxide in a campus dormitory — a collection of stately row houses known as Sections — sickened dozens of adults attending the Lutheran conference and teens participating in a six-week college prep program called Upward Bound. Officials say the leak of the odorless and colorless gas may have been caused by failure of the gas hot water system. (Read More)

I have not heard about the incident from the standpoint of the Salem Fire Department. If I get details, I will add them in. I do know that in order to transport 111 victims to the hospital you need a lot of ambulances making several trips. If you have anything to add please send it in.

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