History – The oldest picture of the FD

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Yesterday, as I was working on the pictures for the book I noticed something. Not just anything. This was a history changer. This one will be a keynote of the book. One of the pictures I got copied from the History Museum thanks to Kent Chrisman is more than I ever thought. It is a picture of one of the volunteer fire companies. Which one you ask? Well it is narrowed down to the Friendship #3 or Junior #2 companies. The dress looks like that of the Friendships. However the building behind the firefighters looks to be Rorrer Hall, where the Juniors were once housed.

But that isn’t the interesting thing, that is a formality. The best part about it is that the men are all lined up holding a banner, which is not legible, with a hose cart behind them. So I say to myself “Self – why are they holding swords?” and then I answered “You idiot, those aren’t swords, those are the ropes to pull the hose cart”. So there you have it, possibly the oldest picture of Roanoke Firefighters. But you cannot see it yet. You have to wait for the book. That is the deal.

March 2007 – Firefighting in Roanoke.

I will post the image of the cover soon, once I have turned in the rough draft.

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