That ain’t fair, how come we don’t make that much?

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Have you ever been told that the reason why other firefighters get paid more is because the cost of living increase? I have. Have you ever been told that by a Chief? I have. Have you ever been told that by a Chief who makes less than a firefighter in another City? I have. I know a firefighter from a Northern Virginia fire department with 20 years of service who makes $82,000 a year. Do you realize that is more than our Acting Chief makes in a year? I learned this at the IAFF convention, while networking with other Locals from around the World. The firefighter doesn’t even live in the City where he works. He lives in rural Virginia and commutes. He told us that the Captains in his City make around $117,000 a year. Doesn’t that piss you off?

I usually boast our department, in this case I will have to defer. If anyone is wondering what department pays this kind of money you might want to start with a google search of the Alexandria Fire Department. Just a hunch.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I am not telling you to pack up your bags. I am telling you that a 20 year firefighter in Roanoke City makes around $45,000 a year. Do you really think that the $37,000 difference is due to the cost of living differential. I think not.

Let me also add that the firefighter above is not a Paramedic and does not work overtime.

See you at the next Union meeting September 5th at 7pm.

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