Northside C-Shift Part Deux

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Northside C-Shift pictures. Here are the coveted pictures from the photo op with Chief Obenchain. I believe that all of the Northside companies were able to make it to the Roanoke Civic Center for the pictures.

In all the pictures I have looked over, covering the entire history of the Roanoke Fire Department, I do not believe we have a picture of this many firefighters or this many apparatus.

A job well done for this historic photo and kudos to the men and women who put it together. You can still get your hands on the WEO/Obenchain Shirt. Check out the Local 1132 site for more information and how to order.

I will be adding these images to my Flickr account so you guys can look through all of them. Apparently I have used all of my free space on it, so I have to pay for more space. This isn’t a problem, I just have to get around to signing up for it.

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