Medic 7

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I have been waiting to get some solid answers on exactly what is going on with Medic 7, the new ambulance in the City of Roanoke. Well actually it isn’t new, it is replacing the part-time/volunteer Medic 1. Below is how it will be staffed:

Effective January 1, 2007 @ 07:00 Medic 7 will be placed in-service at Fire-EMS station 3, all part-time personnel will now report to station 3 for assigned shifts and will staff medic 7. The hours will remain 07:00 – 19:00 Monday through Friday; REMS will staff MU101, MU102, or MU103 when volunteer staffing is available. If no volunteer ALS staffing is available, on-duty personnel will relieve the part-time staff on medic 7 for the remainder of the shift and will staff the unit on weekends. If on-duty staffing is not available to staff medic 7 when REMS is not in-service then part-time staffing will be utilized on nights and weekends to supplement the on-duty personnel.

The ambulance is brand new and was just delivered to Roanoke. It will be in service ASAP, in the meantime Medic 7 will be a reserve ambulance.

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