"Firefighting in Roanoke" on Ebay

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“Firefighting in Roanoke” has finally reached the apex of Internet marketing by making its debut on Ebay. A book store is selling the book (Link) and has put a buy it now price around $22 with $6 shipping cost. It will be interesting seeing how it goes. I kind of doubt it will sell at the buy it now price since you can purchase it on Amazon for around $13. I have been waiting for the book to show up on Ebay to complete the total marketing for the book giving it the maximum exposure. It really has been a fun ride watching the book sell across the Internet.

The Transportation Museum wants to set up a book signing in February. I should have a date for you soon.

For all the people who have purchased the book, I hope you have enjoyed reading about the history of the Roanoke Fire Department. Credit the members of the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association and families of those members who are gone for keeping the pictures and getting them to the RFFA for use in the book.

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