"Firefighting in Roanoke" makes it big in Fire Engineering Magazine

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That is right, the book detailing the History of the Fire Service in Roanoke has made it to the pages of Fire Engineering. In February’s issue, the book is listed in the last few pages of the magazine. I got an email today from someone telling me he saw it there. A quick search offered this (click) then scroll down about half way. Thanks to Arcadia publishing for getting the word out and publicizing the book.

“Firefighting in Roanoke” is supposed to have been published in “Enjine, Enjine” and “Fire Apparatus Journal as well.

The book signing today at the Transportation Museum went well. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the exposure the first book signing received with the article in the Roanoke Times. They did say that the first order of books sold out quickly when the book was released.

If you are still looking for a signed copy of the book, there are several of them at the Transportation Museum.

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