The 1st Annual Bluepatch 1.5 mile Commemorative Dash

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Several of the “Bluepatch” Firefighters have decided to organize the “The 1st Annual Bluepatch 1.5 mile Commemorative Dash” to relive the once popular task of running 1.5 miles to test the true fitness of firefighter candidates. Back in the day, firefighters had to run the 1.5 miles as well as do pull-ups, sit-ups, walk a balance beam, and other strenuous activities. The 1.5 miles had to be completed in 12 minutes.

The event location will be announced soon. If you have suggestions on a suitable track let Tim Jordan know at 13 B-shift. The event will be held on May 5th (Cinco da Mayo). Afterwards, for the ones left standing, there will be a social get-together at a local establishment (TBA).

If you are one of the firefighters who had to run the 1.5 miles and want to participate, let Tim Jordan know. Final eligibility will be determined by Captain Jay Ransome…Huh.

If you are a newer firefighter who didn’t have to run the 1.5 miles, you might be needed for medical standby.

The participants are not required to run the entire 1.5 miles and may finish the distance in whatever manner they deem necessary (no motorized vehicles allowed; i.e. hoverounds, powered wheelchairs, or mopeds).

Workers Comp. claims will not be honored for this event. However, if you are injured you will be allowed to go on light duty…maybe.

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