The ever changing Roanoke Fire-EMS Department

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Roanoke Fire-EMS has made some huge changes recently with more to come in the immediate future and even more on the horizon. Stations closing and being consolidated, companies taken out of service, apparatus changing designation, and now more promotions.

It has been several years since our last Battalion Chief promotion. Tomorrow, we will hear of several promotions up top. One Deputy Chief, and 3 BC’s spots will be filled ( I think that is the count, but you never know). The Assistant Chief of Operations will be redesignated Deputy Chief of Operations. A new Battalion Chief position will be added as well, although this might not happen until July 1. This new position is the EMS/Accreditation/ISO Battalion Chief from what I understand. The other two BC spots to be filled are Training and Northside C-shift. Depending on what happens filling the Deputy Chiefs spot, we might see another promotion.

Once all the top level spots are filled, there will be promotions in the field including Lieutenants, 1st Lieutenants, and Captains. The numbers are still up in the air for these.

The rookies will graduate recruit school on the 22nd and quickly be placed in the field. They will more than likely wait for their actual assignments until after promotions are finalized and the moves are made.

It seems as though there will be numerous moves this year due to the combination of #1 and #3, replacing E7 with M7, filling in for promotions, and making room for the rookies. Who will end up where?

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