The Time has Come

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Hey guys,

I had word of a couple of rumors today, however I don’t have the time to investigate them right now. I am busy with several things.

However, this is a long time coming and I am sad to say that the blog will end with this post. It has been fun. Almost 1200 posts in all over a span of 3 years almost to the day. The truth is that I just don’t have the time like I used to.

All in all,the blog has been very fun. Bringing the news to all the firefighters who care to read. So many readers from across the Nation and even outside looking in to see what the Roanoke Firefighters are doing. I think that in the end, so many more people know about Roanoke’s Bravest, who we are and what we are about. The courage, dedication, and professionalism is testament to the men and women we are. Especially considering some of the conditions we work within.

Everyone look out the window and you will notice that there aren’t any fires still burning, noone still trapped in cars, and nobody still on the line with 911 waitin for us to respond. After all, this is all the bosses care about. There doesn’t seem to be much benefit to the way we do our job, the excellence we provide on a daily basis, or the compassion we provide to our citizens.

So long, and farewell. The blog will still be on the internet for all to see. I will just stop updating it. I will be around, and stories will still be told, just not in this forum.

Thank you all very much for giving me the opportunity to tell your stories for all the World to see.

God Bless and Stay Safe.


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