Words or Actions…which is cheaper

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There was an interesting comment on the last post which read something like this:
Awesome to have some good news and posts on here for a change. Great Job

I find this interesting. I don’t disagree the fact that the post it refers to is good news. What I do find interesting is that so much of what is on this blog is good news. It is easier to remember the negative over the positive aspects though. I understood this early on in this blog.

The ironic twist is that commonly I speak out against Administrations “actions” and occasionally their “words”.

Take for instance, the recent budget cuts. I won’t name names, but certain Chiefs came around to various stations to tell us they were not in support of the cuts. They SAID they weren’t. But when it came down to it their ACTIONS spoke louder and showed that the cuts were no big deal to them.

Therefore, it would have been impossible to speak about this event without being either positive or negative. Either I would have to talk about their words or actions which contradicted each other.

Furthermore, how can anyone actually be in support of the current administration? It is darn near impossible. If you support what they say, you would be pissed by their actions. If you support their actions, you would be mislead by their words.

Think about it for a minute.

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