Lost Time

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A lot has happened since the blog went offline. I plan on catching up. For photos, you can always check out RoanokeFirefighters.com. Mike Overacker is usually on scene to take some great photos.

If you are wondering if the site will be tamed down a bit, I cannot tell you for sure. I can tell you this, I don’t have to listen to the “but you are a Union Officer” nonsense anymore. Not that many people care about what those 6 people say anyways (ha ha ha).

By the looks of things (web traffic today) it seems as though a lot of people were waiting to see the site come back up. By the way, if you would like to sign up to post comments etc. look on the bottom right under the heading “META” that is where you can sign up. Sorry, if you signed up last time, you will have to do it again. However, you can sign up with the same username and password.

If you were subscribing to the site via RSS Reader or email subscription, you shouldn’t have to change a thing unless you deleted it. The feed is located at the same place as before.

In case you were wondering what I have been up to with all of my free time, I have actually been doing something for myself for a change. If you didn’t know, I run VAFireNews.com under the company name Prinston Media. I have created VAEMSNews.com and VirginiaFireEMSJobs.com in the past couple of weeks to further the business. Check them out.

I have plans on this website to bring back the history. If you have photos of your station, shift, and/or apparatus I will add it to the site. I hope to have a detailed history of each station and apparatus online soon. This will take some time, but I think I can get it completed.

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