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Did you know that you can follow on Twitter. I utilize @FireFleitz for updates to,,, and can follow the posts and every once in a while I add a little bit more directly to twitter. Don’t worry, I don’t post about what I am doing every minute of the day!

Follow along: @FireFleitz


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  1. John Beasley says:

    TwitterOnTheRun is an automated self-sustaining TWITTER program that follows Tweeters who are interested in what you are interested in on TWITTER. You tell the program which Tweeters are already talking about what you are about, and it follows for you just like the specified Tweeter follows. When you follow Tweeters who have common interests with you on TWITTER, they are highly likely to follow you back. Then you can get your message out to all of them with one simple tweet or more tweets, if you choose!

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