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Tomorrow morning I will be embarking on my first FDNY-343 110 story climb. I was unable to make any of the numerous events this past weekend and there aren’t any close by tomorrow. Time to make some calls – which I did. The tallest building here in Roanoke is the Wells Fargo Tower downtown, featuring only 21 floors, which means 5 trips up + 5 more stories. The first thing I had to do was contact the company who owns the building to get permission to climb the stairwell. They were MORE than cooperative and accommodating. In fact, the individual I spoke with was AT Ground Zero on 9/11/01… and she was profoundly moved to learn that Firefighters around the world dedicated themselves to such a solemn commemoration to their fallen brothers on an annual basis.

I was intent on completing this in full gear and air pack. Problem: I didn’t HAVE an air pack. As with all my experiences with the Roanoke Valley Fire Service I made 2 phone calls and the problem was solved.

I pray I can make it, pace myself correctly, hydrate appropriately and arrive with plenty of carbs ready to be burned! I also hope my neck can hold out. I know it’s gonna hurt. I’ll do my best to push through. I don’t mind doing it alone. It allows time for me to silently reflect on the fallen….

Again, thank you to ALL who helped facilitate the necessary resources to make this happen. You have my utmost respect.


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