I have found some new Fire Blogs.

Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting Weblog

This one has been online for just over a year now. Check the blog out. They have two guys, Lee Wilson and Mike Legeros, who manage the blog and it seems as though they are enjoying themselves bringing the news of Raleigh and Wake County to Firefighters around the World.

I have added them to the sidebar for your future use.

Here is another Blog from the other side of the Country:

BATTALION 14 News & Information

Also added to the sidebar, this blog is heavy on HTR photos/incidents. This blog is managed by a firefighter on each shift it appears.

If you know of other blogs out there, let me know. I enjoy checking them out as well as offering them in one place for you guys to look at.

Here is a cool tidbit on the Roanoke Fire Blog, we are on the first page for the google search Fire Blog. We share the front page with the LAFD Blog, which far surpasses our traffic. The Roanoke Fire Blog is also on the first google search page for Firefighter Blog.

Here is one more:

Deaf Firefighter’s Blog

He does a great post on the PASS alarm issue which has quickly become a huge problem in the World of Firefighting.

Take a look over at VentEnterSearch.com, they posted a story I sent in on a roof over in 13′s first due at the Starlite Motel.
Battalion 3 of Concord, NH has started a blog. The webmaster is a firefighter named Bickers who apparently used to work for the Bristol, VA Fire Department. It seems as though he got the idea from Shawn Roark who started the Bristol Firefighters Blog. It is great to see the new blogs pop up across the nation. A “blog” is a really simple way for firefighters to feature their department without knowing a lot about web development. I have added the link to the sidebar on the right.
Ok, I am back from Christmas in Nashville. It took a little while to catch up on the emails. I have so many things to post and so many things that readers want posted. Let me go over the vacation real quick for you and a few Christmas presents worth mentioning. My lovely wife got me two huge presents this year. The first one is this compact Canon Power Shot digital camera. This will be perfect for getting more pictures.The second is this Paul Conway leather helmet. Mine being yellow, and still being shipped. Perfect for the new assignment at 13. It will be like the first day of work. Gone will be the long sleepy nights. Did you know that the Roanoke Valley has a chapter of FOOLS. The Chapter is called the Star City Fools and they have a website here. FOOLS stands for the Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society, link here. In many localities, the FOOLS are very involved much like the IAFF locals or Volunteer Fire Department Associations.
On the trip down to Nashville, we stopped in Bristol for some authentic Mexican food. You know, Taco Bell. Bristol Engine 3 was parked nearby so I took some pics. Check out Bristol Fire here.
In Nashville, we came upon this “incident”. Apparently this BMW went into the drink. The flatbed fished him out and hauled him off. The man with the vehicle did not look to happy. Thanks to my new camera, I was able to snap this picture.
I hope that everyone else had a great Christmas.
Firefighter Wayne, a retired Detroit firefighter recently added his last post numbered 435. He has blogged about historic firefighting related to Detroit and beyond for 435 posts. His information has been gathered across the internet and from personal experience. His information will be available online, however he has discontinued posting. Visit his blog at www.firefighterwayne.blogspot.com.

On a related note, Joe over at Firewhirl has recently began posting again. Firewhirl is a great resource for Fire related information and news. You can visit his blog at www.firewhirl.com.

Bristol Virginia Fire “C” Shift

The Bristol, Virginia Firefighters on “C” Shift created a blog to showcase their Department and Shift. Shawn Roark, who worked for Roanoke briefly, is the “webmaster” and sent the link in. It looks as though they are off to a great start. It is good to see all more and more Firefighter “Blogs” entering the WORLD WIDE WEB.

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One of Roanoke’s Bloggers has created the Southwest Virginia Blog Search. This useful tool gives you the opportunity to search the blogs of SW Virginia for content. The search is powered by Google. You can use this tool to search for content in this site as well as the many other blogs in the area. I will add a link in the sidebar for you to use. If you are a local blogger and would like to be included, there is an email link to ask to be incorporated.
Check this out. I was asked to join bloggers from around the World in writing for the International Firefighting Weblog. This is a unique opprotunity for me in getting the word out about Roanoke across the Globe. If you have any suggestions for articles or if you want to write an article for the blog, let me know. I can post it, giving proper credit to the author. Check back often to see what is blogged from around the Globe. I will have a link to the site on the sidebar soon.

International Firefighting Weblog:

A brief introduction
Rhett Fleitz on November 6th, 2006

Hello to all the firefighters (and other readers) of this brand new blog. It is great to see the World of Fire/EMS Service collaborate with the Blogoshpere once again. I am honored to be incorporated in this blog and to offer the view from Roanoke, Virginia and across the U.S. I look forward to reading what other authors on this site have to offer and I hope that I can live up to your expectations. (Read More)