There are several upcoming events:

Monday, August 25th is the RFFA Business Meeting

August 29th is the next Roanoke Firefighters Auxiliary Bowling night. Event details will be announced soon. The last bowling night was a lot of fun and well attended.

On September 6th and 7th, the RFFA will have a Fill the Boot event to benefit the MDA. The event details are TBA. Contact Becky Smith or Steve McFaden for more information.

On September 11th, around a dozen Danville IAFF Local 2532 Firefighters will be making a motorcycle ride to Roanoke. They did this similar trip last year to Salem. The Firefighters are looking for a station to come visit for lunch. The Firefighters will pay for lunch, as long as your station fixes it. If your station is interested in hosting the incoming firefighters let me know and I will get you all in contact with each other to work it out. The firefighters ride up, eat lunch, hang out for a while, and then head back to Danville. There might be interest in our Firefighters riding back with them and they said they would host whoever rides for dinner.

September 11th is right around the corner. Please do not forget the sacrifice of our 343 firefighters who died on that day and the others who have died since due to service that day.

October 3-4th is the 1st Annual Fire Officer Seminar held at the Roanoke Civic Center. More information here.

Officer Bryan Lawrence Benefit Car Truck & Motorcycle Show

On May 10th 2008 a Roanoke Virginia police officer was viciously and brutally attacked while attempting to make an arrest in Roanoke City. Officer Lawrence was assaulted by two assailants and severely beaten and kicked in the head and neck leaving him unconscious and paralyzed on a city street. Officer Lawrence is currently undergoing extensive therapy in Atlanta Georgia with some improvement in his paralysis, but has a long and expensive road ahead.

As a Roanoke Crime Prevention Officer, he has always worked with the underprivileged and citizens in need. Much of his attention has been directed toward citizens suffering from Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Downs Syndrome. He also has routinely visited local nursing homes, providing much needed attention to the elderly.

Officer Lawrence will be eligible for retirement next year and would like to become a minister.

In this time of need, we have the opportunity to come together to give our support and show our appreciation to this community servant, officer and friend.

A car, truck, motorcycle, and semi truck show that will also include food, games and live entertainment is being organized to benefit Officer Lawrence. The event will be held Saturday, August 23, 2008 at Parts Depot, 2177 Dale Avenue in Roanoke, Virginia , beginning at 10:00 A.M.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in this very worthwhile benefit and show your support of this extraordinary Father, Police Officer, Husband, and fellow Man.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Please call us with donations for our representative to pick up, or forward your donations, and or auction items to:

Car Show
1128 Pechin Ave
Roanoke VA 24013

Bryan Lawrence Car Show Committee
& The Lawrence Family
Contact phone: Walter 540 761 1073

We finally have our Emerald Pointe Trip reservations made. We will be going to Wet and Wild Emerald Pointe on Wednesday, July 23rd. We will be leaving Roanoke at 7:30am and will return home around 9:30pm, as the park is open from 10am-7pm. (We will let you know where we will be leaving from at a later date) The total cost of the trip is $46.00 for adults and children over 48″ tall and $38.00 for children under 48″ tall. This price includes an Abbott bus to and from the park and lunch in the park. Lunch will be buffet style and include hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips and a drink. The buffet line will be unlimited times through, but will only stay open for one hour. The price also includes our own private tent while we are there. Each family will be responsible for providing their own dinner, but there are several choices available inside the park.
The trip is less than 2 weeks away and we only have 54 seats on the bus. If we have more people we have the option of getting another bus, but it is very important if you are planning on going that we get information and payment as soon as possible. Abbott needs $100.00 ASAP and Emerald Point needs 50% when I mail the contract back to them.
Please reserve your spot ASAP by calling Melanie at ********** or **************. If you have any additional questions, please let us know!
So…….grab your swimsuits and let’s go!

If you guys need the number for Melanie let me know or you can call Scott Graham at Fire Station 1 today. You can email Melanie at

The 2008 Annual Dinner meeting will be held at Mill Mountain Zoo this year on July 11th. The Roanoke Virginia Firemen Federal Credit Union rents out the entire zoo and invites members and guests to enjoy an evening of food and fun with at the zoo. If you have kids, this is a perfect event for them. Door prizes, caricatures, the zoo choo, and other events are popular each year.

Contact the Credit Union at 342-5809. Visit the RVFFCU online here.

For those of you who do not know, the credit union was started…ah hell why not read about it on this post from May of 2005 right here on the blog (link).

Hey all, the blog is still active. I have heard rumor of it getting shut down and that is not true. I have been busy. Very busy as a matter of fact. After all of the turmoil with the budget cuts, I have had to catch up on being a husband and a father on top of a little bit of travel. So I am writing this post as an update to several things.

First of all, the Roanoke Firefighters Auxiliary (link) is hosting a bowling night this Friday. They need to know ASAP if you will be there. It seems as though we will have a great turnout already. More info:

The Roanoke Firefighters Auxiliary is hosting a Family Bowling night for all union members including their families(including children). The event will be held Friday, June 13th from 7-10PM @ Hilltop Lanes on Williamson Road. The rate for bowling is $12.50/person (inclusive of shoes and unlimited bowling). Please respond to if you will be able to attend and include the number in your party so we can give them a final count. Encourage all union members to come. You do not need to be involved in the Auxiliary at this time to attend. Feel free to forward to other spouses and union members. Thank you for all your support.

If you want, call me or let me know and I will let my wife know who is involved with the Auxiliary.

I would also like to note that the Roanoke Firefighters Auxiliary is a great place for your spouse to meet other spouses of firefighters, have fun, and get away from us occasionally.

Secondly, the motorcycle ride is this Saturday. The motorcycle run in honor of Officer Bryan Lawrence is set to begin June 14 at the Roanoke Civic Center. More information here (link).

Thirdly, I have been in a rut recently and I think a lot of other firefighters have been too. The take, take, take mentality of Roanoke City and OUR Fire-EMS Department has brought us to an ever increasing low. I don’t want to get into all the details, but if you look back at the most recent posts you will see what we have been through. I have bumped into Chief’s here and there and it appears as though they think this stuff has no effect on us. Of course it isn’t their fault because they were told to do it (right). The fact remains that our morale is at an all time low.

I have remained positive over the past 9 years that things will get better. I have always maintained a level of professionalism when someone contacts me about working in Roanoke. I have always shot them straight and told them the truth. That truth was usually that we have the same problems other departments do but that our FIREFIGHTERS make us exceptional. This thought was brought to mind in recent conversations with Chief Hoback. I told him that the statistics he used to close down Engine 13 were the same statistics we make happen. We are the ones who run the calls and get there quick and make a difference by mitigating the emergency. Not the “too lean” (by his account) administration. The truth is that we are in a catch 22. We can’t sandbag on calls or drive slower, that isn’t what we do. What we need is leadership in the Fire Department who will stand up and say that enough is enough and lay out a new plan instead of continuing on with Grigsby’s 10 year consolidation plan.

Lastly, on a measure of Safety on the job. Please make every attempt to work as safe as possible. Every year we get busier and have less firefighters to do the job. Administration now looks at Station 7 as a 5 person group. However, you are only 3 strong if the ambulance is on a call. Please remember not to over commit to anything so that we all may go home in the morning. I can tell you that while some others might not give a crap while they sleep in their beds at night, I do care. I have enjoyed working with each and every one of you and I would hate to see any of us die amidst all this bureaucratic red-tape bullshit that is going on downtown. The FIREFIGHTERS are the ones who know what is going on and who will ultimately pay for these budget cuts.

Solutions: I will give you the ultimate solution. Chief Hoback should *gasp* form a committee of Fire-EMS Department representatives and IAFF Local 1132 Officers to sit down and create reform of the Department. I wish I could say I thought that up, but actually it is pretty much stated in the Tri-Data Study. This committee should first rule to cast out the 10 year Grigsby plan and come up with a 5, 10, and 20 year plan to reform the department. This committee should be tasked with handing down tasks to other committees to research, develop, and implement in our department. Everything from dress, to response, to apparatus, to pay and benefits should be reformed. I will be the first to put my name in the hat on that committee.

I will be at the bowling night Friday night. I hope to see you all there.

“There are no flames to put out, but some local firefighters are sure feeling the heat and all for a good cause. Fire and EMS teams from Roanoke and Salem braved the heat Sunday to raise money for Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma Research at Duke University. “

I am sorry I missed this event. I was out of town. I hope all who were involved had a great time and raised some money.

Check out the video and read the entire story here

The fundraiser is in honor of Bryan Lawrence, who was left paralyzed after trying to stop a suspect.

The Roanoke Police Department is sponsoring a fundraiser for an officer who was beaten and paralyzed while attempting to subdue a suspect earlier this month.

The motorcycle run in honor of Officer Bryan Lawrence is set to begin June 14 at the Roanoke Civic Center.

Lawrence was paralyzed from the chest down during the May 10 assault. He is now a patient at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, where he is undergoing rehabilitation. It’s unclear whether his paralysis is temporary or how long his recovery could take.

Sgt. Bob Chandler said after he heard of the severity of Lawrence’s injuries, two retired police officers called him and said they wanted to organize an event to help Lawrence.

Much of Lawrence’s medical treatment is covered by insurance, but Chandler said Lawrence and his family will experience many unforeseen costs.

“The expenses of the family, of traveling, adds up more than any one can imagine,” Chandler said. “He’s going to have to make changes. All that takes money.”

Click here for the rest of the story

The Roanoke Valley Professional Fire Fighters Hoses team lost tonight to Roanoke Valley’s Police/Sheriff’s Guns team tonight with a final score of 9-8. The game lasted 8 innings.
The Roanoke Fire Fighters Association has been busy with several events recently. We also need Firefighters to make appearances at the following events:

May 5, 2008 – Mark Warner will be announcing his bid for Senate at the New Fire Station 1 at 8:30 am.
May 5, 2008 – There will be a press conference at Fire Station 13 with Mayoral Candidate David Bowers and Incumbent Council Member Brian Wishneff at 11am.
May 6, 2008 – We need Firefighters to stand at polling places to support your Council Candidates. Support for David Bowers and Brian Wishneff is encouraged. Valerie Garner has also become a friend of your Firefighters.
May 12, 2008 – The Roanoke City Council Meeting will be held at 7pm in Council Chambers. Council Members will meet to vote on the budget.
May 29, 2008 – Annual MDA Golf Tournament hosted by the Roanoke Valley Professional Fire Fighters Locals. The Tournament will be at Hanging Rock. (More Info)
June 8, 2008 – Flag Football game between Roanoke City Firefighters and the Roanoke County/Salem Team. The game will be at 3pm at Northside High School. (more info)

If you have any questions, just let me know.

The Guns and Hoses Game is tomorrow. The Guns and Hoses game starts at 3:15. The Salem Fire Department and K-9 Unit will be in the Parking Lot to start things off at 2pm.

This from the Avalanche Website:
Saturday, May 3, 2008
6:07 pm

Avalanche vs Myrtle Beach

Roush Fenway Show Car/ Saturday Night Live (Domino)/ Police and Fireman Appr. Guns N’ Hoses Softball
Roush Fenway Show Car presented by Kroger. Saturday Night Live presented by Miller Lite. Guns N’ Hoses Police and Fireman Softball game presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance

I apologize for my error. The Golf Tournament is on May 29th. I had a typo on a previous post and made an error on the date.

The Golf Tournament is on May 29th.

The Golf Tournament is on May 29th.

I didn’t have time the other day to add in any more information on the Golf Tournament other than copying and pasting the information from Charlie Adkins.

First and foremost, if you know of any potential sponsors, let me or Charlie know. We will take care of contacting them unless you would like to yourself.

Secondly, I recommend you get your team information in to Charlie or myself immediately. The roster is filling up and there are only a few teams from Roanoke City enrolled right now. The cost is $260 per 4 person team. The money is well worth the event. Where else can you go and have as much fun, drink as much beer, and play your best (or usually worst) golf.

I am not a golfer by any stretch of the imagination, yet I always have a blast at this event. There aren’t too many other venues which get so many firefighters together in the Roanoke Valley.

Thirdly, and most importantly the event raises money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. This is our charity, and we give money each year through many events.

If you have any questions let me know.

See you at the 19th hole.

Last year I hit an extra point and ended the game with a triple double.

By the way, anyone can play and everyone is welcome.

Here is a message from Charlie Adkins who is running the Golf Tournament this year.

Hey Brothers and Sisters of Local 1132,

This years MDA Golf Tournament is under way!!!!

This is a reminder that I need anyone that is going to have a Team in this tournament, Please E-mail me@ , with the (Team Captain Contact info, Names of Players, and T-Shirt Sizes). Don’t sweat the money for the Teams until morning of the Tournament the Ladies from the MDA will be registering you just like last year.

If any one needs to use a Credit Card to hold your team feel free to Contact Robyn Grayson @ (540)-772-3237 or .

I am working on getting my orders together so I can place them in a timely matter, So if possible and I know some teams will be last minute and that ok, But just send me a name of the person heading a team so I can reserve you a spot, I am getting some outside request for placing teams and I don’t want anyone to be left out.

Anyone having questions or concerns please feel free to call me anytime!!!

In Unity,

Charles Adkins/Director
MDA Golf Tournament
Roanoke Valley Professional Firefighters
Cell -(540)-309-4566
Pager-(540)-581-9131 [alpha, us mobility]

Here are a few links for you related to Roanoke Firefighters in the news. Click on each story for the link.

I thought that the parade was a great event. This was actually the first time I was in the event from what I remember, however I might have marched several years ago. It was a beautiful day and the crowd was amazing lining the street.

If you all get a chance be sure to give a huge thanks to Bob Neil and Tim Parry for all of the hard work they have put into getting the truck parade ready.

We are also thinking about putting it in the Dogwood Festival in Vinton next month.

There are many more photos and more story at here.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is tomorrow. They moved the start time up to 11:30 instead of 12 due to the inevitable rain which they say will start promptly at 2pm.

Bugg sent me the images of the four shirts made up by Roanoke Firefighters who will be at the Parade.

I know that there will be some Roanoke Fire-EMS Vehicles in the parade. Firefighters will be walkin along side of them as well as others walking with the Dalmatian Rescue. There will also be the 1938 Chevy Oren Fire Engine of the Roanoke Fire Fighters’ Association in the parade. It should be right along the rest, feel free to walk or ride with the fire engine as well. Captain Willie Wines Jr. will be at the helm.

More than likely, after the parade we will be seeking shelter from the rain in one of the bars downtown for food, fun, and BEER. Plan on hanging out a while. If you need anything call or page me.

All four of the shirts were made by Acute Designs, Missy and Scott Mutters company.

I think the shirts look pretty decent. Great job guys.

I apologize if I missed anybody. I haven’t heard if the Roanoke County Firefighters will have the Color Guard in the parade again.

The 1950 Roanoke Squad 1 should be in the parade as well.

You can thank Kenny Walker for nagging me every day we work together for finally getting around to putting this up on the blog. Kenny is pictured to the left.

The Roanoke Fire Fighters Association held its Annual Awards Banquet on February 2, 2008. The event, which will be moved back to December this year, was attended by 1/3 of the members and their spouses, dates, and significant others.

The event was held at the Holiday Inn Airport, formerly the Clarion, just as it has been in the past.

After dinner, the new officers of the Local were sworn in and the awards presentation began.

The following Awards were given out (from memory so forgive me for any errors):

Engine 6, Medic 6, and RS-1 “C” Shift received a Company Citation for an EMS call with a stabbing victim. The crews had an amazing turnover time from on scene to arriving at the hospital.

David Lucas received a Firefighter Citation for pulling a paramedic and patient from the back of a burning ambulance at RMH.

Engine 9 “A” Shift received a Company Citation for rescuing a man from a house fire.

Ladder 7, Medic 7, Medic 4, and RS-1 “A” Shift received Company Citations for the rescue and subsequent resuscitation of Firefighter Scott Hetherington at a house fire.

And the Firefighter of the Year Award went to Captain Doug Rorrer and Lieutenant Travis Simmons for rescuing FF Hetherington.

I do not have the letters in front of me, so I did not elaborate on the awards. I believe I got them all.

There were also 4 Retirement Axes given out this past year. Captain Gary Laprad, Captain Eddie Fielder, Lieutenant John Dubose, and Firefighter David Sexton all retired this past year. Only Eddie Fielder was at the banquet to receive his axe.

I believe that everyone enjoyed themselves. It seemed as though there were plenty of good times to be had by all.

Jordan’s Custom Framing gave us a deal on 3 large prints which were framed and raffled off. The pictures really turned out amazing. Captain Mutter made off with one, someone else won the other and the guys at #9 bought the other one straight up. Rodney really did a great job on the frames.

I will have the pictures and information posted about the RFFA banquet later tonight. I have said it, so now it has to happen.

I will also have a post on the Hero to Hero program. Read about it now on The post will have information on how the firefighters in Roanoke City and Roanoke Valley can get involved in this.

The Roanoke Fire Fighters Association has entered the 1938 Chevy Oren into the parade this year. This gives Firefighters another chance to walk in the parade (or ride). If you are interested in being in the parade let me know.

Or you can walk with the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department along with the Dalmatians with Dalmatian Rescue.

The 1938 Chevy Oren is housed at Historic Fire Station 1 and this will be its debut. Tim Parry and Bob Niel have been touching it up a bit to get it ready for the event. Stop in and check it out.

If anyone knows of any companies interested in sponsoring the Annual Roanoke Valley Professional Firefighters MDA Golf Tournament, please let me or Charlie Adkins know as soon as possible.

The Tournament will be held on May 29th at Hanging Rock.

Please leave a comment or notify Charlie at