Firehouse 1


Firehouse #1 1888-1907. This firehouse housed the Vigilant Steam Fire Company No. 1 originally. The Junior Hose Company No. 2 joined them and remained once the Vigilants disbanded. This firehouse closed and the remaining Junior VFC Firefighters disbanded on March 31, 1907. This firehouse no longer exists and was located at the corner of Jefferson and Luck Avenue where the courtyard is next to the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce.


Firehouse #1 1907 - 2007. Firehouse #1 was home to the newly formed Roanoke Fire Department. The department became fully paid in 1907. The firehouse is still standing and is located at 13 Church Avenue SW.


Firehouse #1 2007 - Present. This firehouse opened in 2007 and is the largest in Roanoke. The third floor houses the Fire/EMS Administration. Units include Engine 1, Ladder 1, Medic 1, BC 1, RS 1, Investigation 1, and M 101. The firehouse is located at the corner of Elm Avenue and Franklin Road.