Roanoke Firefighters Flag Football

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The Roanoke Firefighters have established a flag football team. Headed up by the guys at 2 C Shift, the team has practiced several times and played one game. The team consists of somewhere around 20 firefighters. Roanoke County has also established a team and they were our opponent for the first game. Unfortunately we lost. I am not sure of the score, but I do understand that all of the guys really had a good time. I also heard that there was a pretty decent crowd on hand to watch the first game.

Why flag football, you might ask. Because if it were tackle football it would more than likely turn into a bloodbath, and because we are not able to work if we are injured.

I was able to practice with the team at one of the practices although I could not make it to the game. It is always good when the guys get some time away from the job and their part time jobs and get together for some good clean fun.

If anyone has pictures of the event, send them in so I can post them.

Look for the Roanoke Firefighters flag football team to play again sometime soon. I think that Salem is planning on getting a team together.


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  1. D.J. Marasco says:

    Looking to add ROANOKE to our 6th Annual BRAGGING RIGHTS FLAG FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT, hosted by the Howard Co. Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2000, being held November 14th and 15th, 2009 in Howard Co., Maryland. the is a fund raising event which consist of Fire, police and Military teams. 16 teams entered last year with Camden City NJ Firefighters becoming Champions.

    New this year, two divisions, D-1 and D-2.

    Information—–D.J. Marasco 443-864-8209

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