That old School Mentality – 100 or so years of it!

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Recently, seeing a need to join the 21st century, Captain Willie Wines Jr. decided to bring his digital camera to the fire station. Actually, it was his father’s camera. From what I understand, his crew enjoyed a good laugh after picking their jaws up off of the floor when the Captain whipped out a first generation digital camera. The guys realized quickly that the camera, which is reported to have been measured at 12″ x 12″, would provide a great opportunity to “get” the Captain.

As soon as the Captain stepped upstairs for a minute, the guys were hard at work rigging up a turn of the century camera with the gunpowder flash, shroud, and pedestal.

When Captain Wines returned to the bay to see the prehistoric device set up in the bay, all of the guys enjoyed a good laugh.

Here is the picture of the “Camera”:

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