This is Roanoke

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Have you ever wanted to scan the newspaper, tv news, area blogs on Roanoke, and blogs from Roanoke all at the same time without having to click and scroll through a bunch of websites? Well, I have your answer. This is Roanoke, a website created by Andrew Kantor, comes to the rescue with a site that offers an abstract of the news and blogs on one site. The blog posts and news stories are offered in summary form for instant click-through to the actual website where the story originates.

Basically, it is a one stop shop for all things news related in Roanoke.

Andrew writes:

Eventually I plan to add a message board and/or allow comments on the entries. And I’m absolutely wide open to suggestions of any sort.

I have two goals:
1) create the most useful possible Web site for residents of the area, and
2) to draw attention to as many local bloggers and other news sources as possible.

The website updates automatically when a blog is posted or news hits the websites.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

This is Roanoke

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