Public Safety Employee Disaster Assistance Program

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Public Safety Employee Disaster Assistance Program
The Commonwealth has enacted new legislation that offers financial assistance to public safety responders. Section 44-146.17 in the Code of Virginia states that public safety employees who respond to a disaster can receive assistance from the state under the following conditions:

* The governor has declared a state of emergency; and
* The employee is actively involved in response and recovery efforts for the disaster; and
* The employee experiences extreme personal or family hardship as a result of the disaster.

Each employee can receive up to $2,500 each month for up to three months. The Commonwealth is offering these funds to fill unmet needs that insurance, charitable contributions and any other available disaster funds do not cover. The approval of assistance and amounts awarded are at the discretion of the governor or his designee, and all such decisions are final. Temporary or contract support employees are not eligible.
Public safety employees who suffered extreme hardships due to the April 28 tornadoes should submit an application and supporting documentation to VDEM. Applications and program guidance are available at For more information, contact Individual Assistance Program Manager Larry Braja at or (804) 897-6500, ext. 6538.

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